Monday, June 1, 2009

our escape

in the middle of the night we made our escape......grandparents in place, lists made, bags packed, fridge stocked.....a few tears as I left the quiet house with sleeping children....darn mother's guilt! Hubby and I had 2 nights...3 days all to ourselves.....AND college friends AND a wedding on the agenda!we stayed at the Hotel Indigo....where the hotel dog Miles met us at check in!! a fun hotel.....modern, earthy....

3 days.....eating
staying up late
sleeping in
telling stories of college days
laughing ourselves to tears!
realizing we can't party like we use to
dressing up and wearing heels
dancing all night

there wasn't a dry eye in the church except for the bride who was glowing and smiling with joy as the groom tried to hold back tears during their vows. It was one of those weddings that brings back your faith in love...true love.

no matter how far apart we live.....or how long we go without seeing each other...our time together is priceless. college friends are definitely LIFELONG friends. I miss them already.

traveling back home.....rough flights....lots of waiting around at airports...eager to get back to the kids.....back to reality....tantrums and meltdowns, playgroups and naps, laundry and dishes....but smiling today.....great trip, fun memories, realizing its good to get away with the hubby and be normal again....even if its only for a few days.

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