Sunday, June 22, 2008

One proud mama

All lined up......and the curtain opened.....Caroline is the second on the left, front row. We all held our breath for the first minute as she stood there looking for us in an auditorium that was filled.....and then she danced beautifully!!
Tutus up!!
And flowers for our ballerina.

Because I am her mama I can say that she was amazing!!! She is truly a natural at dancing and I am in complete awe that at age 3 she was completely confident in front of hundreds of people! I only wish that I can nurture this amazing talent and support her in whatever will make her heart warm and her soul happy. She is the kind of kid who does everything with such an amazing spirit...she is up for trying anything and usually does very well....a true natural.(I, on the other hand, had to always work twice as hard as everyone and I was always good...not great.) I am a very proud mama.

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