Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ya gotta love the bleacher seats at Fenway.....90 degrees, hot sun, 4 o'clock game......I think this picture would have been perfect if I didn't capture the lady's head right in front of me......but it was too hot to move, eat, and yes drink beer....the beer turned warm within 10 minutes...and there is nothing worse than warm beer at a ballgame. The uncomfortable conditions lasted for about half way through....the sun slowly went down and we watched not only the Sox beat Seattle, but the crazy fans around us. Right in front of us we watched one man pummel another man for touching his wife inappropriately, the man who was pummeled was eventually escorted out because he was very drunk ( we later learned that he was tossed out only to fall and crack his head open), one woman was purposed to and than they couldn't keep their hands off of each other.....and I could go on and on....endless people watching....if only it wasn't so hot!!!!! We had a great night away from the kids.....missing them sooooo much. Below is a mini video clip when everyone sings Sweet Caroline......

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