Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When it pours....right into our basement. It fills up with water and mud, we pump it out, and wait for the next storm to roll in...this is becoming normal....I still hyperventilate when I see the waterfall and I pace around the house until the water level goes down and I can see the 3 inches of mud that is left behind. The backyard is a swimming pool.....not the kind we want. A bit disappointed that nothing has happened in weeks on the addition...I should be thankful that they haven't ripped out the kitchen yet....I am betting that they will do this the day before I have 50 people coming for Caroline and Rob's Birthday party. (It will probably rain, too) OK...enough of my pity party.....I've been invited to a tea party in the playroom...gotta go!

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FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh you have a cute blog.. thank you for visiting mine.. GOSH.. can I agree about the rain... but we had that great stretch of beautiful laundry hanging days as well...

Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful.... I wanted to strawberry pick... but... I have to wait til later in the week.. sighhhh