Monday, May 10, 2010

a Mother’s Day tradition

every year on Mother’s day we head to one of my favorite spots….The Berkshire Botanical Garden.  On a good day we stay for hours, exploring the grounds, taking pictures, play hide and seek….but on Sunday we saw flurries on our way to church and knew it would be a quick visit this year.

thank goodness the sun was shining….and the flurries stopped.

IMG_5105 IMG_5106 IMG_5109

the garden had a shed exhibit….wow! we had so much fun exploring!


we loved the birch tree ceiling!


one of my favorites by Sarah and Peter Thorne called “A True Blue Berkshire Studio. 

IMG_5119 IMG_5125 IMG_5128 IMG_5130 IMG_5132

our favorite was “A Garden Blogger’s Retreat” by Michael Devine


so amazing! a perfect little retreat.


I thought Annie Selke’s “Swedish Reading Retreat” would of been my favorite.


so peaceful and calm….but i was hoping for more of her colorful fabrics from Pine Cone Hill to fill this garden retreat.



Kim said...

OK...snow on Mother's Day is not acceptable! Those little houses are fabulous. I want to go! You're right that Annie Selke house is not as exciting, but I still have mad love for her. :)

LOVE your family photo. Did someone take it for you or did you use a self-timer?

Pam said...

Oh I need to get out there! I would love to visit! Wonderful photos!

Steph said...

LOVE all of the photos! What a fun place! The family photo is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!