Wednesday, May 5, 2010

this, that and everything else! one week in one post!


the weather here has been beautiful….so we have been busy with lots of projects around the house….and enjoying the beautiful sunshine!


the annual spring time pictures by their trees….they each had a tree planted for them when they turned one…Eastern Redbuds in the front yard. They bloom these beautiful light purple/pink flowers in the spring and then heart shaped leaves.


of course caroline’s tree is bigger….and isn’t it a big sister’s job to let her little brother know this!



the spring flowers are glorious this year!!!  my two favorites are lilacs and lily of the valley….IMG_5085

my new obsession… smoothies


Kim over at What am I going to be when i grow up? got me hooked! I started out with her recipe…so yummy! I am amazed that no matter how much spinach i put in i can’t taste it! And i just made frozen pops for the kids!

mine has turned into this…..2 HUGE handfuls of spinach, frozen banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, 2 spoonfuls of yogurt, and a splash of juice..i use the V8 Splash or Ocean Spray fruit/veggi.


Cooper has given us a run for our money when it comes to potty training him…..but we have learned that a little bribery goes a long way in this department. A trip to the local ice cream shop was the winning bribe!!


and here is our latest project…a patio….more pictures to follow!



Jen said...

Hi! Your trees and flowers...and your children are beautiful! I am so thankful that we are all done with potty training.
Green smoothies...I must check out that recipe. Fun post!
Happy Day!

Kim said...

Yeah! You're making smoothies! I've been making them daily also. I've been alternating the spinach with kale. It's much tougher than the spinach so it needs LOTS of blending, and I like it with blueberries. Kale is supposed to be a great anti-cancer veggie. I haven't reduced the juice by that much. I'll have to try it with less juice.

Great pix! Is that a garden or deck being built back there? I can't tell.