Wednesday, May 26, 2010

no guilt here

this is where i am going to sit this afternoon and enjoy a second cup of coffee   IMG_5266    

i should be doing a million things like going to buy annual flowers for the containers, or test driving a few cars (because car shopping with little ones is impossible and my car is getting old and cranky), packing for a weekend trip……

but i have been home with a sick little one for 2 days, and even though she was sick she wanted to go to school…quite devastated that i made her stay in bed all day…and keep her healthy 3 year old brother away from her.

and its 90 degrees out

and the dishes are done, laundry done (well, lets just say there is more clean clothes in the house then dirty, yes lets say that.), the garden is watered and i have an idea for dinner.

and did i say its 90 degrees out.

and i have 15 minutes before caroline’s bus arrives.


cooper picked these flowers for me yesterday…the bottles were found buried in the yard when they dug it up during construction.

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Steph said...

It sounds like a perfect idea to sit and relax! The flowers are beautiful and so are the bottles! You have to love the amazing treasures that are found on the lots of old homes. :)