Tuesday, May 25, 2010

checking things off the list




washing the salt off the cars from the winter….check.

little did we know that caroline had a fever of almost 103 that day!


gardens weeded and mulched….check.

IMG_5254 IMG_5256

finding just the right thing to hang on our bare walls in the kitchen….check.

i found the painted hope chest at an estate sale for $50 and the picture holders are from pier1.


stone walkway from one porch to the other…check.

these stones came from the original fieldstone foundation of the house…we replaced the back side of the house with a concrete foundation for the new addition but kept these old stones to be re-used.


finally potty trained a VERY stubborn 3 year old….check!

hopefully he will never know that i posted this pic.


garden seeded….check!


gymnastics on Saturday morning for both kiddos……check and check!!!

i wonder what he is saying to her….




Jen said...

Those of you who have lists inspire me so much!
Love the photo holder thingys in the kitchen. Love the potty picture. Whew! I am so glad we are past that!
The botanical gardens are beautiful...what a great Mothers Day!
Enjoyed catching up on your latest posts today! Have a great day!
:) Jen

Steph said...

It looks like you have been busy! I love the stone sidewalk. It's very similar to what we have in mind if we ever get our porches put on. The tornado last year put us behind schedule and we've been busy this year with trying to get a lean to and fencing built so we can bring a horse home from the stable. It's always something! lol The potty picture is so cute! Congrats on getting him trained. What a relief! They look like they really enjoy gymnastics!