Wednesday, September 23, 2009

still here

i thought i would have more time to blog….when the kids went back to school….not the case most days.

but fall is in full swing here in the NorthEast and our days have been busy!


i have been trying to harvest the basil as much as i can from our little garden…..we already had a frost warning! yikes! the nights are cool but our days have been warm and sunny.


batches of pesto in the freezer…..Rob thinks this might last through the winter….if i don’t give any away.


our lazy summer days have turned into a flurry of activities and lots of details to organize….lunch boxes, milk money, library day, show and tell, pajama day, open house….


tap and ballet and soccer

DSCN1246 DSCN1242 DSCN1241 

trying to enjoy the little time that we have when we are all together….with Caroline is school full time, cooper in preschool and Rob teaching at the college this fall…our days are full.

me…I'm trying to get use to the quiet…..and finding that my days are very productive! 

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Steph said...

I love your cabinets and the sweet little birds on your wall. I love birds and owls. It's amazing how busy fall can get isn't it? It sounds like you are getting a lot done during the day. The pesto looks awesome! Yummy! You will be enjoying that this winter. :) Your kids are so cute as always.