Tuesday, September 1, 2009

one happy boy

Cooper’s 1st day of preschool!



and Caroline’s 1st full day of school.


waiting for the bus is so much fun!schhol8school7

after the bus drove away Cooper looked up at me and said, “my turn for school mommy!”

we picked some flowers for his teacher


and he walked right in, put his lunch away, gave me a hug…and that was it.  My heart wanted me to stay and sit and play….but my head was telling me to grab a tissue on the way out….


it was a quiet day for me…i got sooooo much done! and everything that i got done…didn’t get undone in a matter of minutes…laundry was done and put away! dishes were cleaned and the sink stayed empty! beds made, toys away!

but it was quiet…too quiet.


Michele Renee said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Those last two photos of your son are ADORABLE. What a big day!

Steph said...

He is adorable Jess! I love his little outfit. He looks so happy and excited! Caroline is so pretty! Is she loving school? What great pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. :)