Friday, March 26, 2010

hello spring, goodbye Irish step

spring is here, but you wouldn’t know it.

high of 33 degrees today….so cold!

spring is always a tough season around here…

we have a million coats out…winter, rain, light jackets, vests, fleece…a different jacket every day with this crazy weather.

and we don’t dare put the boots away…it might just snow again!


Caroline had her last Irish step class.


as they were stretching…Coop got in on the action.

dance1 dance6

i love to watch her dance….she is a natural…i think….i can say that, i’m her proud mamma! i think she is pretty amazing at what ever she decides to do….but most all…she loves it all! almost everyday of the week i am dragging her somewhere…swimming, ballet/tap, basketball, skiing,Irish step, gymnastics….when she tries something new for the first time i hear, “can i do this again?” we have had to make some “parental veto” on baseball and horseback riding….just not enough days in the week!! And we make sure to leave time to just play…so important! dance2

so…goodbye to Irish step lessons…for now anyway.

dance4 dance5


Steph said...

Caroline is so beautiful! I love the Irish dancing pictures! How fun! I enjoyed looking at them! I hope you guys have a wonderful spring and I hope the spring temps arrive soon. :)

Kim said...

She DOES look like a natural! I have 2 ballerinas and I love, love, love to watch them dance too. :)