Monday, September 13, 2010

The Josh Race

the motto of this race is….to finish is to win.

it is the 2nd oldest race of this kind.

the day starts out with us cheering on the bikers!!


family friend Laurie biked 27 miles!!!! she’ll pace the chip onto the kayakers.


then we hike it down to the waters edge to catch a glimpse of hubby and Aunt Jen in the kayak…2 laps around the lake, 5 miles.

still smiling…1 more lap to go!!!


race kiddos…waiting…waiting


strong finish!!! they pass the chip onto the runner. Aunt Jen was not going to let that blue canoe pass them!!!


the kids have waited all morning for this….a wave from their daddy!!!


after the race….we wait for the runners to come in.    


after the race…team smiles!  Great Job!!!


what Caroline was waiting for all day….the kids race!


after she crossed the finish line she was not only winded but apparently she fell on the course….and banged up both her knees.

not a good thing when auditions for the Nutcracker were in one hour!!


Kerri said...

Love the picture of the kids with daddy...they're so proud!
Great picture too of Caroline running...she looks like a natural!

gabe said...

very cool race. . .sounds like a lot of fun!

Hope the auditions went well!

Steph said...

How neat! I love the picture of the kids waiting and the one of Caroline running is so cool! Way to go Caroline! I hope her Nutcracker auditions went well.

sloan said...

What a great day! I can't believe Caroline still has a smile that big even with double skinned knees, wow she's a trooper!

Jen said...

Awesome race! Love it so much! Fun for all! Cute little running pic of Caroline too!