Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exploring with the kids

one of the things we like to do with the kids is to find a new place to explore......our new favorite spot is old mansion in Stockbridge owned by the Choate family.....once a summer "cottage."
this is a view of the forty-four room shingle style house with a tiered peony garden.

this is a view from one of the gardens looking down on one of the which cooper tried walking into with his splash boots! This poor couple was trying to have a peaceful time....until we came along!
i couldn't get over this foliage we spotted on the bank of a brook.

my darling little boy is turning into a goofball!

this part was amazing....a small fountain of water was running down this path of bricks and then through the bushes it drops/cascades down a number of fountains and you can follow it all the way down.....Cooper loved this!

we plan on going back....without the tour the house.....and have a picnic. The kids go back this weekend for a gardening class.

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