Thursday, May 7, 2009

My favorite time of year...spring! I love the color of the grass......and all the colors we start to see. When the kids turned one my mom bought them each their own tree and we planted them in the front yard. We picked Eastern Redbuds for the beautiful purple flowers in the spring, and the leaves are heart shaped. The kids love their trees....of course Caroline's is much bigger being planted 2 years before Coops. But Coop doesn't care. See the color of the house.....we painted it last year. The house was originally a red...we painted it a light blue with navy shutters. But the house is in a bit of a transition, the front was painted but the side of the house is still red and the new addition is a light tan. Well, as i often do...i changed my mind...I'm thinking a light beige, white trim, and navy shutters.

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