Monday, May 11, 2009

a throne and a driveway

If you happen to see Caroline this week...this is the first thing that she will tell you all about.....her new booster seat.....a new throne for the princess. And Coop is just as happy with Caroline's old car seat....if only they were magical seats and it would make the yelling, screaming and fighting stop while I'm driving....i can dream. Why don't they make cars with a glass divider like a taxi or a limo...i can just push a botton and the sound proof window goes up....I would have to still see them(in case of real blood shed) but do I have to hear them all the time! (Rob, you know we've tried to push that imaginary bitton a few times.) our view from the garage this morning.....pavers and rollers yippeeee!
that's Caroline sitting in her beach chair with her fleece hat on....only in the 40s this morning....but the sun is shining and its not we are not complaining!

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