Monday, March 23, 2009

still here....still whining about the braces on my teeth. as a teenager i was able to sleep all day when my braces hurt...this time around that is a bit impossible with a 2 and 4 year old to entertain. This weekend we kept busy with a couple of parties, gymnastics (not me, caroline), visit from Gramma and the usual craziness. I have moved on to eating toast and lots of ice cream....still not comfortable with eating in public....i had to pass on some delicious looking wings at one party...not being able to eat what i want makes me very cranky....poor hubby has to put up with me. On Saturday we decided to try our first geocaching adventure but our hike turned into rock climbing...
Cooper and Gramma stayed on lower ground.
Caroline and I made another batch of lemon cookies to bring to a party....she could practically make these on her own we have made them so many times. she is wearing a summer dress NOT because it is warm here....we are in the middle of weeding out the closets, getting clothes ready for consignment sales and bagging up clothes for goodwill....AND packing for a trip down South!

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