Wednesday, March 25, 2009

while cooper was napping the other day.....the house was too quiet....i almost forgot that Caroline was home.....this is where i found her.....reading to her baby. She sat here for over an hour flipping through a stack of books. Did you see in the news there is lead in the print of old books?! Before we even had children i collected the little golden books....i have rule in our eating or licking books! Now I'm thinking there must be lead on these old school chairs (remember these Mary?) And this little picture has allowed us all to have wonderful sleep for the last 4 nights! Both of our kids have been wonderful sleepers.....thanks to crying it out when they were babies.....but Caroline got in the bad habit of getting out of bed once a night, she would come into our room and one of us would guide her back into bed....most nights, uneventful...but still our sleep would be interrupted. So for every night that she sleeps through she gets to color in one petal of this flower picture....when all the petals are colored in she gets a prize!

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