Friday, March 20, 2009

signing off for a few days.....i just had braces put on my talking and yes, even typing hurts right now....i am a 33 year old wimp when it comes to my I'm off to have some soup....and some yogurt. And there won't be any pictures of me on this blog....for about a year and a half. Although come to think of it, other than my profile picture, I can't recall another....I'm the one always taking the pictures.


Michele Renee said...

Enjoy the mashed potatoes and milk shakes!! I had braces at age 28 (I am in 40's now). I couldn't bear to even lightly touch my teeth together for 2 weeks. Did not eat much. Didn't have kids then!

Laura said...

I want braces! I have teeth like a homeless woman, I swear. Keep us posted...and let me know if I can mash up some cake for you.