Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cooper is 3

my sweet boy has turned 3

and all he wanted was a weed wacker….the box says weed trimmer.

he got 2……..and he is one happy boy.



instead of a gazillion people at the house we decided to have Cooper’s party at the local ice cream shop. Don’t get me wrong….i love having a house full of friends and family….but i run around like crazy….this time i actually got to chat and i didn’t have to clean the house before and after…score!


Uncle Jeff made a tractor cake….yummy cooper1

and we let the kids have m&ms on their ice cream….it was one wild party folks! (did i just say folks?!)


Cooper was so high on sugar that night….he babbled in bed for hours, he was still babbling when i closed my eyes. and woke up the next morning..”i still theeeee?” holding up three fingers.



now if he will just poop on the potty!!! did i just say that?! yes, i am throwing my one wish out there to the universe…to blog world….i want to rid my house of diapers and wipes!


Laura said...

great cake...and I LOL at the gift of choice...WEED WACKER! Love it

Steph said...

Aww, how sweet! Happy 3rd Birthday to your little boy! It looks like he had a great party! I made that exact cake for one of my oldest son's birthdays. :) I love the weed whackers he received. I bet he's having a ton of fun with them. Good luck with the potty thing. I don't miss that part of motherhood. lol I'm sure he'll do it soon for you.