Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun Museum

our second day in Boston we headed to the Children’s Museum

the kids are at a perfect age….if they were aloud to sleep here, i think they could of stayed for days!

for the first time Cooper actually braved the climbing structure…last year he would of climbed in and started screaming….and i would have to go in after him.

this structure is so big that you lose sight of the kiddos….so you do the random panic search about every 3 minutes.

museum museum1

we explored every bit of the museum…..drumming


wood shop

m7 m6

the interactive screens were alot of fun…Caroline liked the butterflies and Coop liked the marbles.



the sand table was just a tad to high for Coop….but that doesn’t stop him.



even the water fountain was a learning experience.


Next time I'm bringing my chair and a book and I'll sit here for 3 hours while Rob takes Caroline through the museum…..Cooper would sleep and eat in the Bobcat.

 m2 and in the end…all that really matters….is that they sleep on the way home…..one at least…makes for a quiet ride home.


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