Thursday, August 13, 2009

we survived


slow but sure

lots of frustration, stress, excitement, tears,

last summer the back of the house looked like this

when we first thought about an addition on the house we originally wanted a 2 car garage and then thought we would be crazy not to attach it …and then once we had a 2nd child we realized our little kitchen was getting cramped….so our little project became a big project!

construction c

first a 2 car garage was built and then the kitchen addition was built in between


the picture below shows the new addition to the right, the hole for the french doors into the new kitchen.  The original house needed a new makeover as well…so windows were taken out and boarded up temporarily and the blue tarp is covering the old kitchen that was completely gutted…new foundation, new radiant heat floors, 3 new beams to hold everything in place, 3 new sets of stairs going from the basement to the attic and Caroline got a new closet (lucky girl!)


i took the picture below this spring…new windows in, 2 sets of french doors, and the deck for the screened in porch.


for the past 3 weeks the crew built the screened in porch,finished the siding, and seeded the yard.  Yesterday…the crew left! the rest of the projects are up to us!!!! and we couldn’t be more excited!




this 1855 house just go upgraded! new siding, new windows, new porch.



our next project will be a patio outside the kitchen french doors and landscaping.

new porch

a view from the inside…the kids couldn’t wait to make the space theirs!



Laura said...

Can we move in??????? You have enough room!!!!

Kat said...

Wow! Your house is absolutely gorgeous!

Steph said...

It's beautiful! It looks amazing! Great job and I want to see more pics, especially of the kitchen! :) It is so time consuming working on these old homes, but they really are worth it. You guys should be proud! enjoy getting your house back to yourselves now.