Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a little boat ride



about 10 minutes into the ride something went very wrong…..can you tell what is missing from this picture?

hapy2  coop’s hat flew off into the water, he was devastated…no worries, we got it back…and he put it on, even soaking wet. what kind of mother takes pictures of their child during a time like this! check out Caroline holding onto her hat! this  picture still makes me giggle.hapy3

long beach……this beach is underwater at high tide….as the tide goes out it becomes a magical place….lots of new shells, minnows and hermit crabs to catch



cousin Kyle gave the kids rides on the jet ski


and Caroline boogy boarded down a little canal



Aunt Ginny’s garden is filled with beautiful flowers……blue hydrangea is my favorite…..you can find this flower in almost every garden on The Cape.


the end of another perfect day, the view from the deck is amazing.


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