Monday, July 27, 2009

our happy place


we packed up the mini van, the kiddos, and the dog

and headed to our favorite place on earth……

Aunt Ginny’s and Uncle Bucky’s house.

ya can’t be in a bad mood here….not allowed.

a smile just takes over your face.


after hugs and kisses and hellos

its time to grab a beer and head to the dock

cousins galore have grown up here

and instant bonds are made


 happy4  happy5


let the exploring begin!


the catch of the day! cousin Adam shows us the traps.


we learn a lot on our visits

Caroline learns how to catch a hermit crab

Cooper learns how to walk on the wobbly dock

we learn about the tides and what bait to use

and how catching minnows takes lots of practice.



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