Wednesday, July 22, 2009

two for Tuesday

2 beers for the price of one?

nope….that was 10 years and 2 kids ago.

these days we get excited for two for Tuesday at the Carousel, 2 rides for the price of one, yipppeee!



especially after our plans to go the zoo were rained out….strike 1

Plan B was to go to the Children’s Museum…except that is closed on Tuesdays….strike 2.

we were getting a bit nervous with 4 kids in the car, after driving for almost an hour.DSCN0193 i just wish i new how to use my new camera…..blurry.DSCN0188 oh look…..blurry!DSCN0178

i have about 2 dozen of these blurry pictures.


no worries….. we survived another rainy day.

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