Thursday, July 2, 2009

the Beachmere Inn

Day 3

this vacation could have gone very badly considering the kids are 4 and 2 and it rained on and off for 3 days.......but we found a great hotel.....The Beachmere Inn
the original victorian Inn is on the right...rolling green lawn, playground, continental breakfast, playroom for the kids (this really came in handy when Caroline would wake up a the crack of dawn). and we were a 5 minute walk to town, 10 minute walk to the beach and a few steps to Marginal way.

this is the view from our room.

and this is a view of our two rooms

caroline took this picture...

heading to the beach

a game of tag

and toss Coop in the air
a few brief moments when it wasn't raining

one more day of vacation pictures.

going a bit crazy here in the NorthEast with all this rain, it has been nonstop for the month of June...and now its July and its still raining.

on top of that i have a soon to be 5 year old who is making all of us miserable....attitude, tantrums and is one of those days when Rob walks in that door and i walk out. (don't worry, i always return :)

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