Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthdays...are exhausting!

we survived....

Caroline's 5th birthday with over 30 people over for cake, games and crafts.
Rob's 40th night out on the town! (had lots of fun and stayed out way too late!)all set up for crafts
we set up in the garage for fear of thunderstorms
the kids decorated butterflies

made butterfly necklaces

i made cookies for favors

Caroline's uncle made the cake!

and i made homemade ice cream and cupcakes to make sure we had enough for everyone!check out this the end of the day, after everyone went home....the ice cream cart arrived!!

perfect timing!

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Steph said...

What an adorable cake and the crafts are so cute too! Your daughter is a doll! Happy 5th Birthday to her! I love her shirt! Did you make it?