Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hello Trolley

so, our little town has a trolley, a free trolley

and we see it everywhere and the kids have been screaming about wanting to ride the trolley!

enough already….so rob and i walked downtown with the kids to find the trolley…..almost an hour later, we gave up, no trolley to be found!

Day2 notice i brought the camera, snacks, giraffe, bunny, and water

we were prepared to wait this time.


waitingDSCN0153and waiting…..still smiling!


and waiting….took this picture for our mailman who is also our neighbor


finally!! now we can check this off the list of wild and crazy “things to do this summer” 

the kids did love it though, and they are still screaming “trolley” every time we see it…which is like 50 times a day…its taunting me. it knows i’m not a good waiter.

DSCN0164 DSCN0160

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Laura said...

we have a trolley here at the outdoor mall...the anticipation for it to come is greater than the actual ride!