Friday, October 28, 2011

1st snow




took us a few minutes to get the winter gear out.

the kids are in snow heaven!

hubby is looking for the sleds.

I’m going to enjoy a second cup of coffee by the fire.




Kerri said...

The kids look happy...but it's too SOON for snow! They are calling for 2-6 inches overnight here...I just can't believe it! I still haven't bought my son a winter coat yet! Guess we'll be doing that this weekend!

Ginella said...


Kim said...

ummm....that is just wrong. plain wrong.

I love the snow and sledding and bundling up and being cozy by the fire. Just not in OCTOBER!

Looks like you all enjoyed it though. Merry Christmas. :)

Pam said...

the first snow is always so wonderful isn't it? we didn't get it here on the south shore..enjoy!!

Jenny said...

ok, Now I am really depressed! Glad the kids enjoyed it.

KERRY said...

Aww I'm so jealous lol
How fun and so exciting for the kids to wake up to that!! Enjoy your warm coffee by the fire and I'll just keep sitting under my ceiling fan :)

sloan said...

isn't it CRAZY?! we even got snow by the coast this morning, and i'll bet where you are you got a lot? snow on halloween is unacceptable, though ... something's gotta give!!