Wednesday, October 5, 2011


anybody out there???

what is going on??? now that the 2 kids are off to school….i have more time for myself….but i can’t seem to come up with one interesting blog post.

I'm in limbo…my days are pretty boring.

i clean…..finally got around to cleaning out my closest, my car,the kids’ rooms…the junk drawer is even organized….actually ALL the drawers in the house are organized….Boring.

i eat….totally emotionally eating these days….I'm surprised I'm not eating right now.

i shop….yup….i can get a lot of shopping done when i don’t have the kiddos with me….i have already started the Christmas shopping…i know right….crazy.

you might even be saying….this girl needs a job…i know…..i really do! is there a job out there that involves shopping, cleaning and blogging???

the kids??? they are great….

Cooper is loving soccer, Kindergarten, and learning how to tie his shoes!!


Caroline is loving Irish Step class, soccer, and wiggling all her loose teeth!



Jen said...

Hello there!
Isn't it nice to have a day to do anything you want? Enjoy!
Irish step class sounds fabulous!

sloan said...

the transition from full time mom to having both kids off to school was so so SOOOO tough for me, jess - i am finishing a post about it actually b/c i've been feeling similarly lately ... wish i had used my time as wisely as you have, i'd kill to be that organized - instead i got a p/t job and filled the rest of my time with endless volunteering ... and organization went right out the window!

Jenny said...

We have missed you.... I think your "boring" sounds fantastic! I am looking forward to the days when I will have a little more time to clean, purge, shop (alone), and get some stuff done. I don't want it to come too quick, I know I'll miss my little munchkins but alone time is nice too. I think you have the most important job in the world (and it does involve shopping, cleaning, organizing, etc.) taking care of your lovely family! :) Enjoy your time. I am jealous that you are Christmas shopping, I dread the thought.

KERRY said...

Hi Jess!! Don't worry about thinking you have no interesting news to post about :( We just love to hear from you in blogland regardless!! Nice pictures and lovely header! Great work getting your house come do mine PLEASE!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Jess...welcome back!:)
I think it is a huge adjustment when your kids are in school full time. I have that adjustment period even after each summer ends!:) Sounds like you are keeping pretty busy. I'm sure you will find lots to do...a mama's work is never done right?
have a happy day

if you can get paid for blogging, shopping and cleaning...I'm in!

Kim said...

YES! I understand 10000000%! It's the reason I started blogging in the first place. I needed something to do FOR me. I was lost. Still am actually. But blogging is what has kept me sane and opened my eyes to new hobbies, pursuits.

Don't give up writing here. It will help. Promise.

Lorri said...

Enjoy every minute! I bet you are so excited to see them every day when they get home from school!

Nicolle said...
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Nicolle said...

I'm not quite at the school age yet, but my heart goes out to you from one mama to another. :) I've missed seeing you around blog land. Your kids are so sweet, so adorable!

Thanks for your comments the other day, and I love the idea of coloring a portion of a picture for when Boyd does something good. He would love that.