Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cooper’s 1st day of K

i am a big mess typing this post,

everything blurry…. from the tears,

and the knot in my stomach,

ache in my heart.

oh the drama!!!


this guy is off to Kindergarten!!!

kcoophubby took the day off to watch both kiddos get on the bus…..

and to help me get through the day.   


i am a wreck.

i have been emotionally eating for weeks days!

i have even had crazy thoughts of wanting another baby!!!


Caroline being so grown up, excited for her little brother!!

klulu kschool  he kissed us goodbye…


and never looked back.


i need more tissues…..and a drink…..with some chocolate cake.


Jenny said...

Big hugs to you! I feel your pain, those little boys going off to kindergarten are gut wrenchers, really. I cried too but darn I didn't eat any cake, that probably would have helped. The kids look so adorable all dressed up for school. Hang in there, glad your hubby was there for back up.

Kerri said...

Cooper looks so cute (and ready!) for his first day of school! My son went to all day kindergarten too (no choice at our school) and loved every minute of it. Glad your hubby was home to be with husband takes off the first day too every year!

Nicolle said...

My heart goes out to you on this sweet milestone for your baby. I can imagine how it tugs at your heart! Your kiddos are super cute!

KERRY said...

Awww Jess you poor thing. Cooper will love school, look at the way he's running for the bus with all the big kids :)
I understand where you're at though, I've seen two kids off to school and it's hard. On a happier note, those pictures are gorgeous! What a cute little man and the picture of him with his daddy is so nice :)
I love the yellow school buses you have in America, it really is just like the movies!!

sloan said...

oh my goodness, jess, this is EXACTLY the way I was the morning my youngest went off to KG ... I know exactly what you're going thru, so so emotional isn't it?! - i'm sending a hug your way ;-)

Kim said...

awwww....he is such a doll! How are you doing with it now almost a month in? Ours only go to K for half a day so it's not so huge. It feels like they get on the bus and then right back off.

Hope you are BOTH enjoying school! :)

Nicolle said...

Thank you so much for your comment this morning. I woke up with a clear mind, and I'm not gonna stress over this potty training business. I love what you said and I will definitely take advice, but go with what feels best for us. I'm glad to know that my kid isn't the only one that isn't getting it right away. :)