Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Caroline’s 1st Day of 2nd Grade

i’m not a fan of “back to school”,

but they seem to be ready,

even if i’m not.


all smiles,


“a bit nervous, but more excited,” said Cooper.


waiting for the bus,

a beautiful, sunny morning.


Caroline’s 1st day as a 2nd grader,

she gets a locker,

and is on the 2nd floor of the building..with the big kids.


Cooper and i waved goodbye as the bus went up the street,

he was so excited,


because now it was his turn to FINALLY check out his

Kindergarten classroom!!!

he gets to go ALL day,

he has his own cubby,


he is SO  READY to get on the big yellow school bus tomorrow morning……even if i’m not ready.


Gabe said...

Oh, its hard isn't it Jess. I so love having my kids home during the summer, even if the drive me nuts sometimes.

Glad they are ready. . .

KERRY said...

Cute pictures! It's so different how your kids don't wear a school uniform like our kids do...Your street looks lovely btw :)
I'm sure the kids will love being back at school catching up with their friends and little Cooper gets to experience Kindy!!

Kim said...

Oh wow! A locker in 2nd grade?!? My LB would be in heaven if she got a locker. But I'm afraid what they'd find in it. Probably everyone else's shiny things. The girl is like a bird that way.

Caroline is beautiful! :)