Saturday, August 6, 2011


i didn't always have a fear of heights....when i was 18 i went skydiving with my dad...i don't remember being scared...just super excited.

in my 20s i bungee jumped, rock climbed, and went white water fear, just excitement,

fast forward to the present, and i get nervous just standing on a ladder.

and this makes me so mad...this unexplainable fear that i didn't have before....but i am determined not to let it stop me.

For Rob's birthday this year i surprised him with a zip line tour.

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he had a smile on his face the whole time!!!

here he is hanging out at the top of one of the platforms, actually hanging off the edge!!

i was practically hugging the tree....i wasn't going to go anywhere near the edge.

it was a 3 hour tour...11 zip lines and 2 rope bridges.
the first 3  zips i think i held my breath the whole time,
but little by little i got more comfortable.

all smiles!

i realized that i loved the zip lining, flying through the trees, the faster the better!!!
it was being up high on these platforms that made my knees feel like jello.

i have been trying to include a video....but i am having major problems.....lets see if this works...


Mindy said...

THAT is so AWESOME! Where did you go to do that?

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

That looks like soooooo much fun. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday!!! :D

KERRY said...

May I be presumptious and assume your fear of heights comes from being a mother with a lot more to live for??
Good for you though for sticking to it, I'd still be hugging the tree :)

Kim said...

WAY TO GO conquering your fears!

I am the same way. Things that never bothered me before now scare the DAYLIGHTS out of me. Even flying makes me nervous now. I'm thinking it's got something to do with being a mom.