Wednesday, August 3, 2011


guess what cooper learned this summer????

First…he learned how to swim!!! he was showing his Aunt one day in the water…. “Look Aunt Jen, i can float!!”

she took one look at him and said, “Cooper, your swimming!! see if you can swim to the ladder???”

and he did. just like that. he was swimming.


this week

he jumped off the dock!!


you see….this little guy was very determined.

the rule on the dock…you have to wear a life jacket until you can jump off and swim to shore….but jumping into the deep water was a bit scary for him.

but he is one of the youngest cousins…and the fact that EVERYONE else didn’t have to wear a life jacket was killing him.


he is SO proud of himself!

if you met Cooper today…he would tell you, “I can jump OFF the DOCK!!!!”


and he’ll show you….over, and over, and over again!!!



this little guy turns 5

and its freaking me out.

i was going to have a Birthday post filled with baby pictures, but i found myself sobbing….

how did 5 years go by SO fast?

swimcoop love this guy with all my heart!


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