Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bash Bish Falls

what a difference a year makes…last year this hike was so difficult for these guys…3/4 of a mile was a LONG way for them….last years hike….looking back at last years post, i can’t believe how much the kids have grown!!!


we hiked, we held hands,

cooper ran,

caroline skipped,


we took in the view,

explored the rocks,


i took a million pictures


it was a great family day…

a day i hope the kids will look back on and feel special about…that we cherished the time…family time….and years from now they will still look forward to our family adventures…and not be totally embarrassed to be with us….i can only hope.

bbcaroline bbcoop   bblove  bblulu&mom bblulu

the calm part of the stream was so peaceful,


cooper fell in…..even after we warned him a million times about the slippery rocks…..but he was having WAY too much fun.


and had to ride home “naked, naked!”

apparently naked is with underwear, naked naked is with out!


Lorri said...

How fun!!! Love the "naked, naked!". The pictures are great!

Kim said...

gorgeous photos! Looks like such a beautiful place. I hear you on hoping they'll look back with good memories and not that they don't want to hang w/old mom and dad.

Nicolle said...

These photos are amazing. What a beautiful place. Boyd would have totally fallen in too! :) I love the one with the kids arms around each other, looking at the waterfall.