Thursday, August 12, 2010

a hike and a lesson

a whole day ahead of us….not one thing on the calendar planned.

we decided on an impromptu adventure to

Bash Bish Falls!

the kids were excited

we packed a picnic and a backpack full of “hiking stuff”

like bug spray, colored pencils and chips.

after getting lost in the car and finding ourselves in NY state we finally made it to the trail….phew!


we headed out on the trail and checked out the stream


we were feeling great!

bbfunnycoop was excited to finally wear the hiking boots that were passed down from his cousins…….only to have them hurt 10 minutes into the hike.

so we took our first break while Rob walked back to the car to get his other shoes…..that is where the colored pencils and chips came in handy.bb1ststopbb3

the hike to the falls was less a mile….we thought this would be a breeze.


but even after a change of shoes Cooper decided he wasn’t going to walk…not. one. more. step.

bbmeltdownRob is checking his GPS to note that we had hiked about one tenth of a mile……oh boy….this was not looking good.

so i did what any mother would do……i picked him right up…and carried him….up hill….to our next rest stop.

Caroline went back to drawing.


after cooper rested his little legs…..i hiked with Caroline a bit while Rob hiked at a snails pace with Coop.

bbborderbblast stop

and so it went……not the hike we planned at all

it might have taken all of our patience

but we made it……together….

and the day was great.bbview bbview2 bbgirls


the kids had fun climbing the big boulders, finding treasures like acorns and smooth pebbles and they loved the  feel of the cool water on their feet.



i know the kids will remember eating chips, climbing the rocks, and the beautiful waterfall……i will remember the beautiful summer day we spent together as a family….how we helped each other along the way and how great it felt when we reached the falls.

i will remember that the hike reminded me that even though life is full of hills and boulders…and little ones who don’t want to walk….its the journey and what you make of it.

today i wish my wonderful hubby a Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful shots and words of wisdom! Happy Anniversary!! Much Love, Ginella

Kerri said...

What a beautiful place! Your last paragraph made me a little teary....just beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

Steph said...

LOVE it! Your words are so true! It looks like a journey that was well worth it.

Happy Anniversary to you guys! <3

Cindy said...

I love the day you shared together and how you turned what could have been a very frustrating experience into a positive one! (I know...I have carried a 4 year old up many a trail hiking out west a few summers ago!!:))
Good for you guys and Happy Anniversary
Enjoy the night

Kim said...

That place looks beautiful. And I love the name. Beautiful post.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!
Love how you made the best of it all. Nothing like sore feet on a long hike! I always have crayons in my purse...just in case. I guess I need to toss some in my backpack too!
A beautiful little journey for you all!
Have a great week!