Tuesday, August 3, 2010


how does 4 years go by so fast!

no matter how much i try to slow down the days…i am in awe at how fast the years go.

today we celebrate Cooper’s 4th Birthday…and it is bitter sweet for me.

knowing that he will be our last….i have tried to treasure every moment….

but i miss those baby days

here he is 6 days old.

cooper bw  

2 months old….so wide eyed and smiley, such a good baby.

big eyes

i look at these pictures and feel like i blinked and the years went by…..so not fair.


cooper chicken

1st day of preschool smilesCooper….you are such an amazing big boy!!! you are “super duper smart” (he uses those words to describe everything these days) writing your letters and making beautiful pictures! so kind and thoughtful.  When Lulu gets hurt you race to find her giraffe to make sure she is ok…..and her name was the 2nd word you learned how to write after your own. You are learning to ride your bike,play golf and swim this summer…so exciting to see this happen!!!  I hope you have a wonderful, super, duper day my favorite boy!!!!! 



Cindy said...

What a sweetie!
Happy birthday Cooper!!
Don't get me started on the whole "blink" thing....time flies way too fast!!
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

Aw, he is absolutely adorable!! I completely agree that time goes by way too quickly ... Happy Birthday to your big boy!!

Jen said...

Yu know, people always say...It goes so fast. Why is it so hard to believe?
Cute photos. Happy Birthday!!

Kim said...

He is soooo cute with that white, white hair and blue eyes. Happy Birthday!

Pam said...

4 is so fun! He is too cute and love the name of your post..Blink!

Steph said...

He's such a doll Jess! Happy 4th birthday to him! I can't believe how fast it goes either. It's definitely a "blink" thing!