Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what was i thinking?

glitter + glue = what was i thinking?

we thought it was a good idea at the time.

the kids collected a whole bunch of pine cones from the yard and the idea of glitter AND glue was sounding fun!

IMG_6585    IMG_6583

a few pictures…a few minutes in….looking good!


but i only had one bottle of glue…and the bickering started.


5 minutes into this creative mess they had given up….and i found myself alone….which really isn’t a bad thing…except glitter and glue were everywhere!


and my kids had moved into another room…..making a fort! do you realize how fast they can turn a room upside down…to make a fort?!


Kerri said...

You're a good mom Jess...I don't think I've ever given my son the option of using glitter! Maybe if we were outside! I hate when I am looking at greeting cards at the store and glitter gets on me! Hopefully he gets to use it at school!

How did you get Caroline and Cooper's pictures on the sidebar of your blog that size. The picture I have of Brady is small and the only other size I could get was huge....I like your size!

Cindy said...

We made those glittery beauties for Christmas tree ornaments, they looked great hanging on the tree.
Oh and forts....don't even get me started!!:)
Enjoy the day

Steph said...

I had to laugh, because I'm so happy it's not just my kids that bicker. lol The pinecones are so pretty! I love them! They do look beautiful on a tree.

I hear you on the forts. They build them so quickly!

Kim said...

Oh yeah. Glitter is scary stuff. You're very brave. And forts? I've got one in my bedroom right now. They never seem to get enough of them.

Jenny said...

I agree about the forts, holy cow! My kids destroy the couch cushions and get every blanket in the house (which they can't fold when they are done) and dump them in a pile, then they get mad at each other for "messing it up" and then they go dump Legos on the floor or Polly Pockets. Such is life right?! I hate when I have all these good ideas for crafts and they finish them in like two minutes, leaving, again, a big mess for me to clean up. Ho hum. You're a good mommy to let them glitter. :)

Jen said...

How pretty! So simple...I love them. Put them in a bowl as a centerpiece.
Forts are so much fun...but a huge mess...yes!
Have a great weekend!