Thursday, August 26, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

the weather here in the NorthEast has changed…we have gone from hot sunny summer days to cool fall like weather.

with a rainy day ahead of us we decided to take the kiddos to the butterfly museum…Magic Wings in South Deerfield.

IMG_7017   IMG_7019 IMG_7020 IMG_7021 IMG_7022 IMG_7025  IMG_7027  IMG_7030

Cooper was a little jumpy…..

why they would want to land on this squirmy 4year old…waving his stuffed elephant any time anything came near him..i have no idea…….but they did!


Nonna was a great sport….this one landed right on her shoulder.


and then this one landed right on her hands and opened up its beautiful wings……


so…Caroline was determined….and i was afraid she wasn’t going to leave until one landed on her.

  so we sat….and sat.IMG_7047

and it finally did!!


and one of the most fluttery ones landed on her head and fluttered for a minute….very cool! if you like butterflies landing on your head.





Kerri said...

Great pictures! We just did this a couple of weeks ago...I couldn't believe how into it my son was. Your last picture of the kids is really a cute one!!

Steph said...

That's so neat Jess! What gorgeous photos! I'm glad that two landed on Caroline. I bet she was just so happy! It looks like a great day. That bench is adorable!

sloan said...

Hey there stranger - so many updates to catch up on over here, and SUCH GREAT PHOTOS - WOW!! The flowers and these butterflies are especially beautiful, hard to believe they're even real!!

Good to be back in the loop ;-)