Sunday, August 8, 2010

guest bedroom make over

how about a before and after……
i have to say,
we had company coming!
which meant we needed to make our 4th bedroom ready!!!
it was a disaster!!!
when we had all the construction/renovations done on the house last year we decided to replace the old windows in this room which meant they had to cut open this wall…and they left a large beam exposed, cut in half…i think i took a picture but can’t find it
anyways…….this is a picture halfway through Rob’s redo…company is coming in one week!!!
I was busy sewing curtains, pillows and a bench cushion.
a couple late nights later……..
the after!
now its already for guests!


Kerri said...

Wow! What an amazing job you did on your guest room! I love the built-ins and the curtains and pillows are adorable!! Maybe a sewing tutorial is around the corner for us?!

Jamie said...

What a nice room! I love built-ins and window seats. Two of my favorite things all in one room! Great job!

Kim said...

WOW, Jess! That is a major transformation. Looks great! Your guests are going to love that space. Great job!

sloan said...

WOWZA, that transformation was just in a matter of DAYS?! It's amazing, like out of a magazine!! I could use your vision for OUR long-suffering guest/storage room!! Beautiful job, congratulations are in order!!

Pam said...

looks amazing! great job jess!

Steph said...

WOW! What an amazing transformation and in such a short amount of time! You did a great job! It's beautiful and it looks so cozy! I can't wait to visit! lol :P I love the bench and the window treatments.

Jess said...

thanks all!!! nothing like having company over to get a project done!!! now if we can only get our back stairs done...maybe in time for the holidays?!?

Cindy said...

That re-do is amazing!!
It is so light and bright, I love it.
you're right...nothing like company coming to motivate the completion of home projects!!:)
Enjoy the night

Jennifer said...

Can I borrow you guys for a weekend? We've been wanting some built-in bookshelves and window seat in our living room....maybe on your next trip to Boston ;-)
Looks GREAT!!