Tuesday, August 24, 2010

green summer

our library’s summer theme is Go Green!!! and the kiddos have been having fun with the idea!!

here is the list they have been given……for every 3 boxes they cross off they get a raffle ticket to win prizes…


we checked out this great book at the beginning of the summer and have been busy with projects!!!

IMG_5903   our first project was to re-use lots of containers and make this castle……IMG_5906they got right to work getting everything ready  


one of my favorite things about summer is our little garden….can’t get any greener then this!!!

we have planted eggplant,basil,beans,carrots,spinach,dill,cucumbers,zinnia, and morning glories.

everything started out wonderful…the summer has been hot and sunny! but i have re-named our garden to be …the Good, the Bad, and the ugly!!!

lets start out with the good shall we….



IMG_6987the zinnias and morning glories look amazing!


and plenty of basil…for pesto and more pesto!


now to the Bad…..

the eggplant…this one we had been watching for weeks….only to find it nibbled on by some kind of critter….Caroline thinks a squirrel…Cooper thinks a bear.IMG_6979

the morning after i took this picture….this one was eaten too!!!!


now on to the ugly…….

does any one know why our cucumbers look like this?!

we got a few great ones, but the rest look like this!


so we cherished the good ones and had them with our favorite rice vinegar…so good!


The kids have been working hard on shutting off the lights when we leave a room and turning the water off when we brush our teeth.

Cooper has learned where we recycle the paper and plastics and has made that his special job.

and today we will be donating a bag of old clothes.

what will you do today to be green?


Kerri said...

Way to GO green! And how great to get the kids involved too. We recycle too...but our biggest change this summer has been using only one roll of paper towels a month...I now keep a bucket under the sink of rags.
Your flowers are beautiful...the orange one doesn't even look real!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i love your zinnias! mine did nothing this year and i miss them. they are one of my favorite parts of summer. have a happy day!

Cindy said...

I'm with Kerri...we have almost done away with paper towels. I now have a pretty little glass jar on the counter with cloths to reuse.
Love you garden...the flower shots are beautiful
Enjoy the day

Steph said...

That's great that they are going green! We really got into a couple of years ago. The kids are all about it and in fact yesterday Sawyer told me that they were talking about respect in his classroom and he raised his hand and said one way of respect is to respect the environment. <3 I was so proud! I also try to use less paper towels. We recycle and I bought great reusable bags and containers and water bottles for the kids a couple of years ago, so they don't throw anything away at lunch, except their straw wrapper.

Your garden looks beautiful! Ours was a bust this year. We had a ton of rain in the spring and we couldn't get in it to weed it and then we had the heat and our stuff didn't do well. We were able to get a few squash, but that's it. I ended up mowing it, except for the asparagus, rhubarb and popcorn.

Jenny said...

I love all the ideas of going green. It is all the little things we do that add up to big things. Your eggplants look scrumptious. I am going to have to try those next year. Never thought of those. And your children made some beautiful paintings. Wow! When they want to paint, they really want to paint!

Jen said...

This year we started using reusable water bottles for school.
They are metal and clip on their backpacks.
Love your flowers...and I always love to see what old cereal boxes and bottle caps can be turned into!