Monday, August 23, 2010

Pillow and painting

if you are ever in The Berkshires…a free show at Jacob’s Pillow’s inside/out stage is a must!!

all summer they have free shows…every night a different type of dance…..the stage is breath taking and the dance is amazing!



you are not aloud to take pictures during the performance, so we took a few during the warm up.

pillow2 pillowcaroline

this night was a school from Connecticut, they performed modern ballet…..last week we saw jazz/musical/ballet…..the week before was modern dance.

some dances we like…some we don’t.

but it doesn’t matter….we enjoy the night.

i love to people watch and caroline loves the cookies i bring.

pillowdancers pillowstage

“we want to paint!” 

ya never know with this….10 minutes of setting up the paints can turn into 2 minutes of painting…aghh!

but on this day,

a little painting….


turned into a LOT of painting!



only one more week till school…..and i am feeling that knot form in my stomach…..not ready to send them off…..not looking forward to shoe shopping today….but it must be done.


Kerri said...

First of all...I can't believe you let your kids paint in their NICE clothes! (I know...sorry! That's what I noticed in your pics!)

And I too feel that knot in my stomach. Not ready for school to start...and summer to end.

Jen said...

Ahhhh...shoe shopping...done that!
Love the painting ...and I love the porch!
And the dance theatre place looks amazing. Anything would seem inspirational there!
Have a great week.

Kim said...

OH! I wish they had those shows here! My ballerinas would be in heaven!

And, same here. I am NOT looking forward to going back to school. No siree, Bob.

gabe said...

found you through Jen's Ink Pen. . .

Love the photo of them painting on their tummy's. . .too cute!

We are still in denial mode about school starting. . .we have until Sept. 8th and I refuse to even discuss it until September 1!

Steph said...

We started school this week. :( I love their paintings! So pretty! They are so adorable, as always. That place looks so breathtaking. It sounds like you have had a great summer.