Tuesday, August 10, 2010

walk the plank!

Caroline spent last week at art camp…cool building right?!



and the theme was pirates!!!!


on Friday they invited us to their art show!!!!

piratelulupiratearttheir art work was hung on the wall…they drew pirates and parrots, the ship’s monkey, spy glass views and pirate ships.

they made treasure maps,spy glasses, a compass, treasure boxes full of loot,  pirate hats and an eye patch of course!!


she was so proud of all her art…..and can’t wait for next year’s camp!


Kerri said...

Oh my goodness...she is the cutest pirate ever! Love how she signs her name all fancy too!

Steph said...

First of all, that building is to die for! Gorgeous!! Secondly, what a great camp! The northeast is so fun! lol She is absolutely adorable and is the cutest pirate I've ever seen! Her artwork is so cute and she did a great job. I bet she had a blast!

sloan said...

sounds like the same structure as the video arts camp that my girls did last week - how fun!! btw, cutest pirate ever!!

Cindy said...

Both of my girls would have loved this happy little pirate week. What a talented little cutie you have.
Enjoy the night

Kim said...

What a perfect building for a pirate art camp! I swear art camps are the best. My ballerinas love them!