Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bikes, Boats and Beach

our last weekend of the summer

we headed to Rob’s Aunt’s and Uncle’s house

my happy place

first on our agenda….the bike path that runs along the Cape Cod Canal


we started at the railroad bridge


and headed toward the Bourne bridge.


Rob ran alongside Caroline…while i stayed back with Coop…we didn’t make it very far..but we enjoyed watching the boats go by.

bike3 bike4 bike5

the first thing that happens when we get to the house…we head to the dock.

ropes, nets, buckets…..lots of exploring and lots of things to catch!

bbeach ropeIMG_7070beachbeach coopbeach dock

and then there are the boats….and oh ya…the cousins who drive the boats! the kiddos were in heaven!!!


Cooper shares a laugh with cousin Matt


Caroline gets a ride on the jet ski with cousin Ben


and then we headed out for a boat ride with Uncle Bucky


to Buzzards Bay….the kids loved the castle

Cooper, “there must be a really pretty princess who lives there!!”

boatcastle  boatbridge

and we got a water side view of the railroad bridge and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

boatmma as the sun went down…Rob got a ride with cousin Ryan….who tried REALLY hard to throw him off…..      


after a wonderful day out on the water….we spend the next few hours enjoying the glorious sun set.

beach sunsetbeach view    beachcandles


Cindy said...

What a great way to wrap up your summer!! We just love being together with our cousins too. Our girls would have loved all that time on the water.
Enjoy the day

That chandelier shot at the end is gorgeous!!

Kerri said...

What a fun weekend for the kids! When I asked my son what his favorite thing we did this summer was...he said it was the week he got to see his cousins!

Jenny said...

Next time I am hiding in your suitcase! It looks like so much fun there. I am so jealous, wish I was there.

sloan said...

You couldn't have asked for a better place to spend these last heat-filled days we've been having ... these photos are wonderful!!

Lynn said...

What a great weekend I have to agree! The photo's are great. Wish it wasnt the end of summer!


Steph said...

I love the bridges and all of the boats. This north east life looks so fun! I love it! I love all of the photos, especially the chandelier one! Gorgeous! It's a perfect end to the summer!