Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where did the snow go?

Mommy broke down and bought the pink skis.....shouldn't every little girl have a pair! She was a little worried that her boots didn't match....I told her a few princess stickers would look nice and she'll be good to go!
Caroline wants to ride the chairlift this year......
Having a little fun before the snow arrives!! Notice Cooper has his own pair of "sticks." They walked around the ski sale saying "sticks, sticks...we got sticks!" And one lady said, "tell your mommy they are called poles." Really!?!
Isn't he the cutest little boy you have ever seen!


Liz said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You could give embroidery a shot. This is only my 3-7 crack at it. The best resource is the library. I'd love to see if you do.

Cute kids. I bet they are hoping for snow.

Betsy said...

Cute pics! I am sure the snow will come.