Wednesday, July 6, 2011

fish, muffins and painting

the kids have been wanting fish REALLY bad… i made them work for it… stop the fighting,bickering,screaming in the car i made them a deal….2 points for every good car ride….we kept track with a little clip board…..100 points got them a trip to the pet store…..


meet Finny and Bubbles

unfortunately….Bubbles only lasted 3 weeks….so its back to the pet store we go…ugh!


i saw this great baking idea in a family magazine….the one that i got to read for 2 minutes during the kiddos’ dentist appointments last week

i put out all of the ingredients…from chocolate chips to flax seed

each kiddo got a mini muffin pan, i placed plain muffin batter in the pans for them and left the rest up to them!!!

they tried all different kinds of combinations!!!


as they made each muffin they made a picture of each one, listing all the ingredients they put in.

we learned that applesauce in large amounts makes the muffins soggy.

the kids learned they liked flax seed, carrot and sunflower seeds!!

and they still don’t like strawberries…even baked in a muffin.


our plan for rainy days….get out the paints!!!! the kids had a blast learning about Jackson Pollock…..we researched a bit online and then i let them at it!!!

in the garage of course

with washable paint :)

painting2they splattered



and did this all with very little fighting!!! 


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kristin said...

I love how you did a 'point system" for your kids, I don't have kids yet but I will defiantly have to remember that for when I do!