Sunday, January 29, 2012

still here….

just busy.

a good busy.

my life is full busy.

and even though some things have taken a back seat,

like blogging

I’m ok with that.

Because my days are filled with so many good things.

this month i have been thinking about resolutions….

one of my resolutions this year, (Yes, I’m an over achiever…so I have more then one resolution!) is to SIMPLIFY!!!

and I have been using this wonderful online De-clutter calendar….check it out here. I printed it out and have it hanging on my fridge….it keeps me focused and i get to cross things off when I’m done….love it!!

another resolution…Step outside my comfort zone….so last week when a friend asked me to join her for a Zumba class….I usually would of said, “No way, not me!” but instead I said “why not!” I went, had fun, and can’t wait to go again!!

this month we have been non-stop skiing….the kids LOVE it!! When we get to the hill Caroline goes off to ski with her friends (and has learned the hard way that a black diamond trail is NOT a good idea!) Cooper loves finding any little bump to jump off, making great turns down the mountain, and working on getting on and off the chair by himself. They also like taking off one ski, hiking up the bunny hill, and skiing down with one ski! They ski from the moment we get on the hill until the time they shut down the chair….and I have to beg them to come in for lunch!


i have had to “let go” a lot….letting go of control with my kiddos is not an easy thing… first started out with Caroline wanting to go up the chair without one of us….and let me tell you…I am a nervous mom when we are skiing! But I had to put a side my fears, and let go….I knew in my head that she was ready, but my fears were filling my head with all the “what ifs”

next, she wanted to ski off with her friends. reluctantly, i let her go. She loves the freedom and I am proud of her responsible behavior…..but i think i have a few more grey hairs from all the worrying!

ski2 ski4

I love riding up the chair with them and chatting! this little guy has so much to say!!!


lots of smiles!


I was inside the lodge at this point….the kids totally outlast me….Coop decided to write “mom” in the snow…love him!


happy week everyone!


sloan said...

letting go is definitely not my strength as a mother ... so i SOOOO get it on what you're feeling :) love your resolutions, btw ... what a great start to 2012!!

Jen said...

Loving the too!
I skied a lot as a kid. I remember many good cold conversations with my Dad just chatting and pointing and laughing etc...on the ski lift. So fun that you get to do it so often!

Nicolle said...

Your babies are so cute, and growing up! I have a hard time letting go too, and letting Boyd do things. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand that he is growing up and can do a few things w/o me now. :)

You know I love simplifying and decluttering. It's such a great feeling. I'm glad 2012 has started off so well for you. Miss you around here!