Thursday, December 29, 2011

i would make an awful hockey mom…..

we have been at the rink all week,

and i have been freezing!


they seem to be having fun…all smiles from Caroline!!!


she got moved up to a higher group….with a gaggle of fast skating hockey boys….


she skated her heart out…


Coop was finally old enough to take lessons and skated on 1 blade for the first time!!! He got moved up to a higher group and was DETERMINED to keep up with the big kids….he was very focused!!


they glided, learned to stop, skated backwards, and raced….

skaterace   while their momma cheered them on…..


and drank horrible hot chocolate in an attempt to keep warm.


Lorri said...

Not only would I make a bad hocky mom, but I would make a bad "anything cold" mom. I love cold weather...when inside by the fire! I love snow...when looking at it from my windows! Man, I'm really no fun! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!!!!

Kim said...

I would suck too! I dated a hockey player in high school. I did my time at the rink back then. Looks like they're having a blast though. Maybe you need to invest in some good long underwear if they wind up falling in love.

Happy New Year!!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Hey Jess, try using the hand warmers (you can buy them at TJ Maxx or Sam's Club) and wear a scarf. My friend swears she is warmer with a scar and I agree with her! Also, you know that you lose 90% of heat thru your head so a cute hat is in order. Looks like you will be spending a lot of time at the rink!! bundle up! hugs, cathy

BF said...

I think I'd rather be a soccer mom than a hockey mom, only due to the fact that you're bound to enjoy the weather more than dressing up to keep warm at the rink. Very cute though!

sloan said...

hey jess, long time no talk! now you see what my life is like - both girls are career skaters at this point, so this is my life for 3 hours every saturday - cathy is right, a puffer coat and a hat are critical for survival as a rink mom - and hand/foot warmers are a huge help too!! miss you - hope you've been well in 2012!!