Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nutcracker 2011

here are the kiddos with Gramma right before the show….

we went from church, to basketball, to Nutcracker!!!


Cooper was a reindeer this year, just like last year.

he absolutely LOVES pulling the sleigh, and all he kept saying was that’s all he wants to be is “a reindeer pulling the real sleigh!”

until i went backstage to get him after the show….and he was so excited… “i want to be ALL the parts  now momma!!”


Caroline was a clown this year!! And I don’t know what she was more happy about…being a clown or being partnered with her great friend Gianna!!! They had so much fun together!!!



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sloan said...

aw, they are adorable!! my girls are not dancers, but we sure do love to go and watch our friends who do ... this weekend we did our annual nutcracker in boston, it was amazing!! love your adorable cast members, they look so happy :)