Monday, December 5, 2011

life is hard sometimes….

i am sitting here waiting for the vet to call, we dropped bella off first thing this morning after a very rough weekend.

after 14 years, Bella took a turn for the worst.

I think what was the hardest part was sending the kids off to school, not knowing if Bella would be here when they get home.

Caroline and Bella have a special connection….when Caroline is having a rough day, Bella knows. She’ll cuddle up to Caroline and stay with her until she feels better.

she is able to soothe her, even when i can’t.


unconditional love. caroline wanted another picture of Bella…and all i see is the face of a brave little girl trying to comfort her favorite little friend.

as i wait, my heart is heavy….but still trying to stay hopeful. Wondering if its something they can fix without too much trauma.

i wait.


Nicolle said...

My heart is breaking for your family. The picture here of your daughter brought me to tears. I hope and pray that your sweet pup can be healed. xoxo.

sloan said...

oh, jess, i am so so sorry to hear this sad news ... being brand new to having a dog in the family, i can only imagine the sadness you're all feeling, so i'm saying an extra prayer for your family, especially your sweet doggy :(

Gabe said...

Oh, Jess. . .thats a beautiful picture! There is so much of parenting that is so difficult!!!

Praying peace for all, especially little Caroline!

Jenny said...

Oh I am thinking of you and hoping for the best. So sad.