Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Traditions

Two of our favorite traditions are Breakfast with Santa at Ioka Farm.......this year Caroline couldn't wait to talk to Santa.....
while Cooper clung to Rob as we tried to get a group picture with the this point he couldn't even look at Santa....but as the morning went on, we enjoyed pancakes and hot cocoa.....Cooper warmed up to Santa enough to wave. This is Santa's stash of books...... and every night in December when the kids have taken a bath, in pjs, brushed teeth......they look for the hidden "santa books." Last year we started out hiding the books under Caroline's pillow.....until she clearly stated she didn't want Santa in her kinda freaked her now Santa uses "magic" to hide one book for Cooper and one book for Caroline in mommy and daddy's room. I keep the stash in my closest.....and hide them while they are in the bath. All year I buy Christmas books from tag sales to book sales.....and we now have over 100 Christmas books.

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